Brown Gold Production result of golden thoughts

Ghaflankooh food industry located in Mohammad shahr , Karaj , has Continued and will Continue its activity continually in the first phase of production unit supported with more than 30 years of experience in industrial Chocolate production and various traditional sweet in industrialized modern production , and initiation of pastilles production line during the economic sanctions , as well as production methods revision and formulation of global products in R&D section in order to enrich them by a variety of vitamins , proteins an calcium under skilled and experienced experts of this industry.

Golden aim result of golden thoughts

The second ghaflankooh phase of industrial food was built in an area of 6000 square meters and 7000 square meters infrastructure in Baharestan town and was established by installation of modern machinery with the help of God Almighty . Both phases continued their production together with the aim of entrepreneurship and protection of domestic production .

Golden quality result of golden thoughts

Internal and external standards for all of our products such as Apple Health and Halal standards of Iran, are considered as confirms for optimization of our products and peace of mind for our customers, so our spiritual and moral mission to society have been enounce by us in this way.

Our Achievements

Here you can see some of our achievements, standards, certificates and awards we have obtained over the years.

Halal Certificate

Halal certification for all products

Standard Symbol

Obtaining permit for application of Standard Symbol

Non-Compulsory Standard Symbol

Obtaining permit for application of Non-Compulsory Standard Symbol

International Fairs

Successful participation in the 3rd Iran International Confectionery Fair (ICF)

International Fairs

Successful participation in the 7th Iran International Confectionery Fair (ICF)

International Fairs

Successful participation in the 14th Iran International Confectionery Fair (ICF)

Our Policy

The management and staff of the company are committed to give priority to the following goals:

Ensuring health

Ensuring consumers health by identifying and reducing threatening risks associated with food safety

Full compliance with legal requirements

Compliance to legal and governmental requirements as well as food safety requirements agreed with customers

Committing to customer-oriented principals

Adherence to customer-oriented principals and improving satisfaction of the customers which are truly the main capitals of the organization

Use of advanced technologies

Utilization of cutting-edged equipment and technologies for production and sales of the products in order to offer diverse products with globally-acclaimed quality

Continuous improvement of organizational processes

Constant improvement of organizational processes especially through establishment and improvement of management information systems

Promotion of knowledge and skills

Promotion of knowledge and skills of the human capitals and improving the quality and quantity of educational programs

Undoubtedly, fulfilling above obligations will not be achieved except with sincere empathy and concerted effort of the company’s management and employees. Therefore, not only management itself is committed to the provisions of this policy but expect all employees to respect specific codified organizational relationships and devote their maximum contribution to accomplish above mentioned goals.

smart system of ghaflankooh